Fully automatic abb robot arm one stop polishing with 4 belt & 2 wheels

Short Description:

Model: HH-RO01.01
Power supply voltage: 380V-50HZ
Total power: 19.4kw
Belt motor: 4kw explosion-proof motor
Nylon wheel motor: 4kw explosion-proof motor
Robot: 20KG six-axis ABB
Air pressure: 0.6-1Mpa
Abrasive belt specifications: length 4000*50MM width
Customized processing: product fixture
Equipment installation size: subject to actual installation

Product Detail

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Robot polishing machine is suitable for aerospace, automobile, shipbuilding and other industrial accessories, as well as products in related industries such as bathroom, kitchenware, furniture hardware, electronic parts and accessories for grinding and polishing with fully automatic.

This equipment is owned by HaoHan Group and internationally well-known brand ABB is jointly manufactured, through the precise positioning of the ABB manipulator, high-quality and high-standard grinding requirements can be achieved, and it’s equipped with 4 sets of abrasive belts and 2 sets of polishing wheels.

For small products, we can also install fixtures and The magnetic attraction function can ensure the flexible operation of the ABB manipulator to adapt to various products of different shapes to maximize its performance and realize the complete automation of the polishing of complex-shaped workpieces, which greatly improves the yield and reduces the processing time. Instead of the complicated process of manual polishing, it greatly reduces the production and management costs.

The equipment is powerful, covers a wide range, and it can be customized according to the specific demands of client.


1. Flexible

2. Efficient

3. Stable

4. Precision


1. wire drawing

2. Mirror light

3. Special effects

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