KST-8A / B series electric butter pump

Short Description:

The KST-8A / B electric butter pump is mainly composed of a reservoir, a regulator, a pressure gauge, a fuel sheet, a deceleration motor, a control panel, a frame base, and the like.

Equipment Power Specification: AC220V

Equipment power: 0.2kW

Oil drum capacity: 2L

Applicable pressure: 15kg / cm2 ~ 80kg / cm2

Applicable oil: NLGI # 00 ~ # 3 fat

Equipment Size (mm): 320 * 260 * 500

Product Detail

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1. The power source of this equipment is an electric reducing motor, so it can be filled with oil, plug and play, power source stability is small, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, no pollution.

2. This equipment is marked with the regulator, which can effectively stabilize the oil output pressure.

3. This device is equipped with a pointer pressure gauge (optional number of digital display pressure gauge), real-time display current grease pressure. The oil output pressure is adjustable.

4. The patent plunger pump head swing left and right to eat the oil.

5. Can apply 3 # or even 4 # hardness grease.

6. When the oil sheet is designed, when the pump head is swung, the oil sheet is rotated to scrape the oil down, and the oil is transported in the oil storage barrel, so that the oil is operated to ensure that the oil is separated from the air.

7. Small size, easy to move. Can be placed directly to the work desktop.

8. With oil volume alarm device, when the oil volume is too low in the oil tub, the barrel cover shaft will touch the limit switch. Trigger alarm signal, light flashes.

9. During working, it could be also supplement oil and refueling for improvement of production efficiency.

Product parameters

KST-8A comparison with KST-8B

Configuration name




Pressure gauge



Fuel oil

Oil volume alarm

Quantitative / meter


Oil gun


Time controller


control panel


This series is suitable for microinjector scenarios and minimal supply and usage of automatic line.

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