Abrasive belt water-grinding machine

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As a standard machine independently developed by our company, the abrasive belt water-grinding machine has 6 national patents.

According to the product width and surface treatment process, the abrasive belt water polishing machine has two processing widths of 150mm and 200mm. The number of heads can be configured from 2 to 6 heads. The width & heads could also be customized according to the exact requirement.

Product Model: • 2heads • 3heads • 4heads • 5heads

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Model  HH-FL50.01 HH-FL50.02 HH-FL50.03 HH-FL50.04
2heads-150mm 2heads-200mm 4heads-150mm 6heads-150mm
Option Economy Economy Economy Economy
Voltage 380v/50Hz 380v/50Hz 380v/50Hz 380v/50Hz
Motor 4kw 5.5 4 4
Speed of Shaft 1800r/min 1800r/min 1800r/min 1800r/min
Speed of  Feeding 0~8M/min/Adjustable 0~8M/min/Adjustable 0~8M/min/Adjustable 0~8M/min/Adjustable
Warranty One(1)Year One(1)Year One(1)Year One(1)Year
Technical support video / online video / online video / online video / online
Swing range of Belt 0~40mm 0~40mm 0~40mm  
Total power 9.3kw 12.15kw 17.7kw 26.1kw
Width of belt 150mm 200mm 150mm 150mm
Heads 2 2 4 6
Effective width  10*150mm 10*200mm 10*150mm 10*150mm
Effective Thickness  1~100mm 1~200mm 1~150mm 1~150mm
Pump 0.55Mpa 0.55Mpa 0.55Mpa 0.55Mpa
Net weight 700KGS 1300KGS 1900KGS  
Dimension(L*W*H) 2000*1200*1900mm 2100*1200*1900mm 3100*1200*1900mm 4600*1200*1900mm
Finishes hairline/grained hairline/grained hairline/grained hairline/grained
Processing grinding grinding grinding grinding
Material workable All All All All
Processing shape sheet/pipe/panel/… sheet/pipe/panel/… sheet/pipe/panel/… sheet/pipe/panel/…
Forth/back/right/left/rotation ● /● / ● / ● / - ● /● / ● / ● / - ● /● / ● / ● / -  
Outer housing - - - -
Dust Collector / output  - / -    - / -    - / -    - / -  
Control Pannel / Display ● / - ● / - ● / - ● / -
OEM acceptable acceptable acceptable acceptable
Customization acceptable acceptable acceptable acceptable
MoQ 10sets 10sets 10sets 10sets
Delivery 30-60days 30-60days 30-60days 30-60days
Packing wooden case wooden case wooden case wooden case

The main features of its products are stable operation, environmental protection, high safety performance, a wide range of processed products, and high-quality surface treatment.

Sanding, grinding and wire-drawing for panel products. The abrasive belt water-grinding machine is designed with a spray device, which can cool the panel during the grinding processing, and effectively prevent dust pollution, which plays a role in environmental protection.

Finishes achievement:

• Hairline / grained / satin / straight lines / …


In addition,

1. For small products, it can also customize a jig, put the product inside jig and hold it, and then transport it on the conveyor belt for processing.

2. The belt swing function makes the touching between the product and the belt more uniform and achieves a higher-quality finish.

3. The worktable can also adopt a circulating conveying type to process the products back and forth, which is easy to operate, and also effectively improves work efficiency and cost saving.


2heads (4)
2heads (2)
2heads (1)
2heads (3)


3heads (1)
3heads (3)
3heads (2)
3heads (4)


4heads (4)
4heads (2)
4heads (1)
4heads (3)


5heads (1)
5heads (3)
5heads (2)
5heads (4)

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