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The pliers disc polishing machine mainly grinds and polishes the end face of the pliers. The complete machine of pliers disc polishing machine is the standard and its of our company. The worktable adopts disc type and has 4 groups of polishing grinding heads. It can automatically polish the end of pliers with high work efficiency, which can greatly improve the production efficiency of the enterprise.

1. Power supply voltage 380V-50Hz
2. Main power 1.5kw * 6 sets
3. Total power 14.25kw
4. Disk rotating motor 0.75kw
5. 8 work positions
6. Air pressure 0.55mpa
7. Spindle speed 1500r / min
8. Lifting stroke of grinding head 100mm
9. Servo motor 750W * 8
10. Equipment capacity: about 500 / h
11. XY module stroke 200 * 200mm
12. Consumable specifications 1500 * 50mm

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Key Features


380v/ 50Hz / Adjustable


As actual


As actual

Size of Consumable:

φ250*50mm / Adjustable

Main Motor:

3kw / Adjustable

Consumable Lifting

100mm / Adjustable


5~20s/ Adjustable

Air Sourcing:

0.55MPa / Adjustable

Speed of Shaft:

3000r/min / Adjustable


4 - 20 jobs / Adjustable



Consumable swinging

0~40mm / Adjustable


A 16-year continuous research and development has cultivated a design team that dares to think and can be implemented. All of them are undergraduate automation majors. The excellent professional skills and the platform we provide make them feel like a duck to water in the industries and fields they are familiar with. , Full of passion and energy, it is the driving force for the sustainable development of our enterprise.

Through the unremitting efforts of the team, it has provided complete solutions for customers in more than 30 countries and regions around the world. In the process of customizing the disc machine, it has kept improving, and has obtained 102 national patents, and has achieved remarkable results. We are still on the road, self-improving, so that our company has always been an innovative leader in the polishing industry.

The application field of this disc polishing machine is very wide, covering tableware, bathroom, lamps, hardware and other special-shaped products, and our equipment can achieve the desired polishing by realizing the rotation of the table and the precise positioning of the polishing wheel. The effect, the polishing time and the number of rotations at the same time can be achieved by adjusting the parameters through the CNC panel, which is very flexible and can meet various requirements.

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