What should I pay attention to when purchasing a servo press?

Servo presses are instruments with high automation and complex precision. They are widely used in the electronics industry, motor industry, home appliance industry, and machinery industry. Because the structure of the servo press itself is relatively complex, its purchase is also a process that requires repeated consideration. Here are a few points to pay attention to when purchasing a servo press.

First of all, it depends on the precision of the servo press you need. Accuracy refers to the accuracy with which the pressure and position reach the specified point and stop. It is related to the resolution of the driver, the resolution of the pressure transmitter, the accuracy of the servo motor and the response speed of the reaction equipment. The servo press has matured through the complete set of integrated control of servo motor and drive control, and its repeatability is getting higher and higher, and its application field is getting wider and wider. If you need a servo press with high precision, you should focus on the configuration when choosing a servo press.

The second depends on the structure of the servo press. Generally, the structure of servo presses produced by manufacturers is not single. The common ones are four-column, single-column, bow type, horizontal type and frame type. The four-column structure is economical and practical. The horizontal type is commonly used in the operation of longer products, and the frame type has the advantage of large tonnage, so the selection of the structure should be determined according to the size and structure of the product.

Third, the functions of the servo press include forging, stamping, assembling, assembling, pressing, forming, flanging, shallow pulling, etc. Different functions are often different in structure, so according to the suitable product process Requirements to select the right servo press is also required to do the work.

Fourth, determine the required servo press, the manufacturer, service and price are also the key, try to buy from a powerful manufacturer like Xinhongwei, one is not worried about the quality problem, and secondly, even if there is a problem, the manufacturer has it. A complete set of services.
What should I pay attention to when purchasing a servo press?

Problems that need to be paid attention to when maintaining the servo press


When it is necessary to test the accuracy and performance of some building materials and metal materials, equipment such as servo presses are usually used. Many people will be curious about what this is? Simply put, it is a good combination of optics, mechanics and High-precision instruments for electricity. For example, in the experiment of a large-scale quality inspection unit, the servo press will run under high load. Since most of the experimenters lack corresponding maintenance experience, some problems will often occur. Let’s talk about the servo press. Matters needing attention when using and maintaining:

1. The lead screw and transmission part of the servo press should be regularly lubricated with lubricating oil to prevent dry friction.

2. Cooler: The scale of the air-cooled cooler should be cleaned regularly; the water-cooled copper pipe should be observed regularly to see if there is any water leakage.

3. Regular inspection of components: All pressure control valves, flow control valves, pump regulators and signaling devices, such as pressure relays, travel switches, thermal relays, etc., should be regularly inspected.

4. The fasteners of the servo press should be locked regularly: the vibration after the fracture of the sample tends to loosen some fasteners, so it should be checked regularly to avoid large losses due to loosening of the fasteners.

5. Accumulator: Some servo presses are equipped with an accumulator, and the pressure of the accumulator needs to be kept in a normal working state. If the pressure is not enough, the accumulator should be supplied immediately; only nitrogen is charged into the accumulator.

6. Filters: For filters without clogging indicators, they are usually replaced every six months. For filters with clogging indicators, continuous monitoring should be performed. When the indicator light alarms, it needs to be replaced immediately.

7. Hydraulic oil: It is necessary to check the oil tank level regularly and fill it in time; the oil should be replaced every 2000 to 4000 hours; however, it is important for Zui that the oil temperature should not exceed 70 °C, and when the oil temperature exceeds 60 °C, it is necessary to Turn on the cooling system.

8. Other inspections: We should be vigilant, pay close attention to details, detect the occurrence of accidents as early as possible, and prevent the occurrence of major accidents. This is especially true at the beginning of Zui’s operations. Always be aware of leaks, contamination, damaged components and abnormal noise from pumps, couplings, etc.

9. Use a suitable fixture to complete the corresponding test, otherwise not only will the test not be very successful, but the fixture will also be damaged: Electro-hydraulic servo testing machines are generally equipped with fixtures for standard samples. If you want to do non-standard samples, such as twisting wire, milled steel, etc., need to incorporate proper fixtures; there are also some super hard fixtures. Materials such as spring steel need to be clamped with special materials, otherwise the clamp will be damaged.

10. Cleaning and cleaning: During the test, some dust, such as oxide scale, metal chips, etc., will inevitably be generated. If it is not cleaned in time, not only parts of the surface will be worn and scratched, but more seriously, if these dusts enter the hydraulic system of the servo press, a shut-off valve will be generated. The consequences of holes, scratching the surface of the piston, etc. are very serious, so it is very critical to keep the testing machine clean after each use.

Post time: Jan-08-2022