Servo press application industry classification

Servo press product advantages: The servo press can provide a double-line analysis of the pressing force and the pressing displacement for the pressing parts, and the pressure of any part or the part under any pressure can be reasonably and effectively judged, whether it is in line with the product Press-fit formulating technical indicators, servo press online quality determination, can reasonably and effectively improve the press-fitting production process, and can provide a reasonable and effective basis for formulation; it can also control multi-stage and multi-mode according to software to achieve more complex press-fitting.

Servo press application industry classification:

1. Motor industry: press-fitting of micro-motor components (spindle, housing, etc.), press-fitting of motor components (bearing, spindle, etc.)

2. Hardware industry; precision pressing of stainless steel/stainless iron components, large hardware products, etc.

3. Automotive industry: press-fitting of engine components (cylinder head, cylinder liner, oil seal, etc.), press-fitting of steering gear components, etc.

4. Electronics industry: press-fitting of circuit board components (plug-ins, etc.), press-fitting of electronic components

5. Other industries: home appliance industry, machinery industry and other occasions that require precise CNC press-fitting displacement and press-fitting force

Servo press application industry classification

Servo press configuration selection, generally choose the middle and high configuration, in the traditional press-fitting industry generally use the middle configuration of the servo press manufacturers, one is cost-effective, affordable, and widely used. The second is precise and intelligent digital press-fitting, with multi-function online numerical control display and control, environmental protection and energy saving, and can be used in a 10,000-level dust-free workshop. Servo presses vary in stiffness, precision, and uses. According to the nature of the stamping and press-fitting process, production batch, mold size, and precision of parts, the correct selection of a press that is suitable for the production efficiency of your own enterprise can be multiplied.

Post time: Feb-10-2022