What are the precautions for using the butter machine?

Now, in any production area, automation has basically been achieved. Friends who know machinery know that in order for machinery to work normally, it needs to be filled with butter and grease continuously. Butter machine is a widely used filling equipment, so what should be paid attention to when using butter machine?

Butter machine is suitable for punch, pressure bed, simple rolling machine, mining machinery, construction machinery, etc. It can adjust intermittent oil supply through microcomputer control and display, and the range of standby and working time adjustment is relatively large, so the applicable equipment is also relatively wide.

1. When not in use for a long time, close the upstream pipeline of the valve to relieve the pressure.

2. When using, the pressure of the oil source should not be too large and should be kept below 25MPa.

3. When adjusting the positioning screw, the pressure in the cylinder should be eliminated, otherwise the screw cannot be rotated.

4. In order to ensure the accuracy of the refueling amount, the valve should be refueled and reversed 2-3 times after the first use or adjustment, so that the air in the cylinder can be completely discharged before it can be used normally.

5. When using the system, pay attention to keep the grease clean and do not mix with other impurities, so as not to affect the performance of the quantitative valve. The filter element should be designed in the oil supply pipeline, and the filtration precision should not exceed 100 mesh.

6. During normal use, do not block the oil outlet artificially, so as not to damage the parts of the pneumatic control part of the combination valve. If there is any blockage, clean it up in time.

7. Install the valve in the pipeline, pay special attention to the oil inlet and outlet, and do not install it upside down.

What are the precautions for using the butter machine?

Post time: Feb-21-2022