The polishing machine is the same as the round tube polishing machine

The polishing machine has the following points in common with the round tube polishing machine:

1. First of all, the outer circular polishing mechanical parts are placed on the track.

2. Cylindrical polishing machine will be locked, parallel track

3. At the center of the thousand-page wheel in the center of the workpiece cylindrical polishing machine.

4. If the outer circular polishing machine has a thread shape, the speed is faster, and the adjustable knob can be slow

5. Start the wheel motor, if the speed is appropriate when moving the grinding head to the workpiece.

6. Always check the oil in the reducer.

7. Polishing machine, check whether there is noise in the grinding head, or there is a light.

8.The cylindrical rough polishing machine can guide the roller with lower speed, and when throwing at the right time, the fine polishing guide roller speed.


Post time: Mar-22-2022