How to reduce the noise when the bearing polishing machine works

Bearing polishing machine is mainly used for polishing the surface of steel, aluminum, copper and other metal products and the surface of pipes. For various snow patterns, brushed patterns, wave patterns, matte surfaces, etc., it can quickly repair deep scratches and slight Scratch, and can quickly grind and polish welds, nozzle marks, oxide films, stains and paints, etc., so that there will be no shadows, transition zones and uneven decorative surfaces during the polishing process, which greatly improves the quality of the finished product.


During the working process of the bearing polishing machine, the machine will generate large or small noise, which will not only affect the mood of the staff, but also affect the work efficiency and the effect of the workpiece, and it will also cause damage to the hearing in the long run. In order to make the polishing effect of the bearing polishing machine better, in order to make the work more efficient, we find out and improve all the factors that are not conducive to product quality.

In order to reduce the working noise of the bearing polishing machine, you need to know the following:


 First of all, we need to understand where the noise comes from and what is the principle of noise generation. In this way, we can fundamentally take measures to solve him. According to the mechanism of the noise of the polishing machine, it can be known that the huge noise is caused by the violent vibration caused by the unbalanced force when the object is ground, and the vibration is the real cause of the noise. The vibration that occurs in the machining of bearing polishing is a typical dynamic instability phenomenon. The schematic diagram of its work can be simplified and the single abrasive particle can be analyzed. Through the vibration analysis of the grinding head of the bearing polishing machine, it is concluded that the factors affecting the noise of the grinding head are the grinding width and the rotating speed of the grinding head of the polishing machine. The appropriate grinding width and speed can be selected to prevent resonance and effectively control the noise of the polishing machine. The noise can be completely eliminated by improving the grinding width and grinding head speed. In fact, this method is very simple, it just requires us to pay more attention and observation, find the right reason, and improve the bad mechanism to achieve our ideal effect. The noise of the bearing polishing machine disappears, and the operator can carry out the polishing operation in a quiet environment, then the work effect and efficiency will definitely be greatly improved, and the economic profit will naturally increase.

Post time: Nov-24-2022