How Automatic Polishers Improve Quality and Speed

How do automatic polishing machines improve quality and speed:

1. When polishing on hard ground, pay attention to the unevenness of the ground, and the maximum ground slope is 2%.

2. Clean the machine frequently, especially the wax dust in the chassis to prevent precipitation.

3. Pay attention to whether there are sundries or yarn ropes entangled under the pad of the polishing machine, which will increase the resistance and increase the sound of the motor, which will cause the belt to break.

4. Avoid the wires being crushed, pulled, excessively bent and worn, as well as damaged by heat, oil and sharp objects.

5.The polishing machine is used for high-speed polishing. It is strictly forbidden to polish on the wooden floor or the plastic PVC floor.

How Automatic Polishers Improve Quality and Speed

Post time: Mar-04-2022