Multi-combinatorial machine includes Grinder & polisher with watering system for metal SS & wood on mirror & matt finishes

Short Description:

Power supply voltage: 380V-50HZ / customizable

Total power: 18kw / customizable

Conveyor belt speed: 4 – 20m/min / adjustable

Material of consumables: abrasive paper / cloth wheel / cotton wheel

Size of consumable: 410 * 1380mm / customizable

Air source: 0.55MPa / customizable

Min. width of working table: 400mm

Max. width of working table: 1500mm

Min. size of product acceptable: 40mm – 1500mm

Dimension of equipment: as actual

Product Detail

Product Tags


OEM: acceptable

Hs code: 8460902000

Watering system: Available

Configuration: grinding + polishing / flexible 


Aviation, aerospace, vessel, automobile, medical, electronic, 3C, furniture, construction, Photoelectric, catering, Jewelry; 


Processing: polishing, grinding, abrasive, buffing, deburring, scratch remover, welding scar remover,

Products: Sheet; kitchenware, spoon, fork, plate, knife, cutter, kettle, dish, pan; sanitaryware, floor drain, basin, pot, shower nozzle, hydro valve; furniture, handle, hinge, lock, key, panel, chair, table, square tube, round pipe, wood; hardware, tool, painting knife, spade, hammer; corkscrew, cap; mobile, cellphone, phone case;

Finishes: Mirror 2k, 4k, 6k, 8k, 12k, 20k; hairline, wiredrawing, silk, matt, satin, straight burr, twill, scattered wire, rotary wire;

Materials: Alloy, metal, steel, iron, brass, copper, aluminum, zinc, tungsten steel, titanium, gold, silver, carbon steel, stainless steel, ss201, ss304, ss316, plastic, silicon, wood;


A grinding machine with watering system, the configuration can be customizable accordingly to different material and product for final finish, such as equipped by 1/ 2 / 3 / 4 groups of abrasive paper and 1/ 2 / 3 / 4 groups polishing wheels in One machine. our R&D team will propose a complete solution to meet requirement.  

During the grinder working on products, there is a watering device to provide cooling system & dust remover system, it will be more helpful for carbon reduction and environmental protection. 

HH-FG03.09 Multi-combinatorial grinder machine - internal construction with 3heads includes 2grinder and 1polisher
HH-FG03.10 Multi-combinatorial grinder machine - internal construction with 4heads includes 3grinder and 1polisher
HH-FG03.07 grinder machine internal construction with 2heads includes 2grinder and abrasive belt
HH-FG03.11 production line includes grinding machine connected with cleaning machine
HH-FG03.13 Multi-combinatorial grinding machine with watering system for knif abrasive on matt finish
HH-FG03.08 grinder machine internal construction with 3heads includes 3grinder and abrasive belt
HH-FG03.12 unpolished vs finished a high quality finish
HH-FG03.14 Multi-combinatorial grinding machine with watering system for knif abrasive on hairline finish

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